Freemasonry in Illinois has a long-standing tradition of serving our communities with various acts of beneficence. Masons throughout the state continue this tradition through a network of charitable programs, with a primary focus advancing the welfare of others, particularly children and senior citizens. In continuing this tradition, we, as Freemasons, not only serve our communities by setting a good example as citizens, but also improve the lives of future generations and care for the elderly.

Illinois Masonic Outreach Services

The Illinois Masonic Outreach Services (IMOS) program extends its mission beyond the walls of the lodge to bring a greater sense of security to the Members by mirroring the general philosophy of the Grand Lodge in the State of Illinois. It is the mission of the IMOS program to bridge the gap between community resources and Member needs. The program promotes physical, social, financial, and personal enrichment to enhance the quality of life for our Members, Spouses, and Widows. Programs within the IMOS scope of services include financial assistance (to those that qualify), providing resource and referral information, support for widows, masonic military and first responders recognition, and suggestions for lodge volunteer opportunities.

IMOS services are provided in various categories of financial programming, including:

  • Monthly Assistance
  • One-Time Payment
  • Matching Grant
  • Dues Assistance
  • Disaster Relief
  • IMOS Scholarship

Illinois Masonic Family Identification Program

The IMFID program — has been adapted for Illinois from an extremely successful program begun in 1994 by Freemasons in New York. Today, members of the Masonic Fraternity in 30 States have similar programs to help parents and young families.

The IMFID program -- sponsored by the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of the State of Illinois -- is held by experts as the “premier child/adult identification program” currently offered in the State of Illinois

Illinois Masonic Children’s Assistance Program

Illinois Masonic Children’s Assistance Program (IMCAP) mission is to support children and young adults in need with developmental, social, financial, and educational means, encouraging them to achieve their goals, maintain high ambitions and seek opportunities as they grew and mature. IMCAP’s focus is to honor the oath to care for our brethren’s and community children by providing financial assistance on behalf of children and young adults in need. Our Lodge-based programs provide opportunities for lodges to partner with IMCAP to impact the lives of children and young people in their community through a scholarship match program and grants for local youth organizations. The 21-youth enrolled in the IMCH Legacy Program continue receiving intensive case management services and financial support from IMCAP.

Illinois Masonic Student Assistance Program

Our Mission is to SAVE LIVES by partnering with schools and providing training and support to teachers and educators to prevent bullying, drug and alcohol abuse amongst children and young adults.

Our Vision is to grow this successful program and to continue to change the narrative of students who are at-risk of compromising their futures.

Every teacher we come in contact with helps save the lives of 7 youth in their community every day.

Through a school-based early intervention approach, we work to enhance educators’ skills at identifying at-risk students. We work with administrators to develop an intervention team--or Core Team--to develop a plan to guide students towards school and community resources for support.